Antoine Questel 7th overall slalom Worldcup 2013! Interview « best »!

Antoine QuestelThis season, Antoine Questel realizes his best result in the ranking World Cup slalom , 7th ! Great satisfaction for him and the result of a big job. Reactions and interview « best » ! :

  • 7th overall, your best result , your first top 10 in the World Cup , you have waited for this moment since a long time…

Yes very happy with my season, my goal is reached! I worked hard this year to be better and it worked out ! Since the last two seasons, I know that it’s possible, my results on PWA’s stops showed me  that I could realize a top 10 , particularly in Korea when I was 2nd in 2012. I was also more and more present in winning finals. But the top 10 was really my goal this top 10.  It would have been a disappointment not to be . And it happened!

  • A big jump in the ranking between 2012 and 2013 , why have you been better this season ?

I have increased my time of training on the water, and my physical preparation, including much more mountain biking. Every day , if the wind is not good, I did three hours of sport. I went up on each event a full week before the race  to train, to analyse the spot and the environment to be at 300% during the races ! I Also really improved my training / racing schedule , it is important to be organized … In the race, my start and jibes are better now.

  • Best memory of the PWA season?

When I heard that I was the 7th of annual ranking ! … In making the calculations , at first I thought I was 8th . I left Sylt before the announcement of  overall results and on the road , Pierre Mortefon sends me a message to tell me that I was 7th ! too happy in the truck!

  • « Best » stress?

No stress! 😉 … there ‘s always a bit of stress before the races . The most is in quarter- final because it is always a big level and there are 7 or 8 top racers who are able to qualify for the semifinals. Sometimes the quarter’s level is greater than a semifinal or final . And if you fail in the quarter, you lose a pack of points!

  • « Best » disappointment ?

At the stage of Costa Brava World Cup , in the penultimate race, I was 10th in the overall ranking and in the latest round , I lose 10 places !

  • Best sensation ?

When I won the third round in Turkey ! … before the first mark, t I came from leeward and I just avoided a crash with Alberto and Cyril . I jibed the first and then I have a feeling of incredible pure gliding. Alone in front of the racers , not embarrassed , fresh wind, only focused on my speed. Then, the sensation of crossing the winning line was crazy !

  • « Best » angry ?

Last round in Costa Brava, in the mid course of quarter final, I was in 2nd place. In gybing, I stoped after the buoy , impossible to start, I  was alone and I couldn’t start! I thought that comity will cancelled ! Other racers passed me… i didn’t qualified for the semi final… so I lost 10 places overall ! in fact, it had already happened before for some other riders and comity cancelled … so i was very angry!!

  • Best exceeded?

Several memories, especially on jibe of mark 1. For example, in Sylt, once I arrived 6 and I came out 3rd . This season, I have done several times in Korea and Turkey. This is also one of my significant progress this season.

  • Best start

Semifinal in Turkey , the first round in 7.8 . It glided quickly, I « broke  » the startline in the down side and I came up with a comfortable lead at the first mark …

  • Best Sail for you?

8.6 …

  • « Best » mistake ?

In Sylt, being late at a starting procedure …  I wanted to change my fin on the beach, finally I didn’t because I had a doubt of the time to change. So, I started to go to the race area but I sticked, impossible to start. After a moment, I succeeded to arrive in the comity boat in the same time my heat starting! I jibed the committee boat and I tried to earth sylt Qualifying in the neck , I can not leave, I come to the committee and the others were taking the start … I jibe the committee boat… I finished 5th, just behind the 4th …

  • Best goals for 2014 ?

Better than the 2013 season …

  • How are you organized your offseason for a best preparation ?

In recent years, I worked a lot with Pierre Mortefon who also had a good season : 12th . The past 3 years he came to St. Barth for 1 month and half just before the St. Barth Fun Cup, the first international racing. This year , it will be him again because we talk a lot about our sailing sensations and do not hide anything , we are here to progress together and now work pays ! This offseason, we will put some racing marks. I am currently putting it in place, all this thing we were doing very little the past seasons in St Barth .

  • Best sponsors for next year ? more generous?

It is negotiating … so too early to tell …

Antoine Questel, Sylt 2013

Antoine Questel, Sylt 2013

Antoine Questel Fastest in Turquey!

Antoine Questel, Turquie (c)Carter/pwa

Antoine Questel, Turquie (c)Carter/pwa

Antoine Questel Costa Brava 2013

Antoine Questel Costa Brava 2013

Antoine Questel Corée

Antoine Questel Corée


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